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HOA Plumbing Responsibilities

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When there’s a plumbing problem that affects more than one unit in an HOA, it can be a fight to figure out who needs to pay for the resulting damage. Is the HOA responsible? What about the homeowner?

At Power Plumbing, we’ve spent years working with HOAs and helping people figure out who needs to pay when plumbing issues occur. Here’s what we know!

Who is Responsible for Pipes in Condo Walls in California?

Most of the time, HOA plumbing responsibilities are determined by the governing documents for the associations. Generally, plumbing problems that happen in common areas or outside an individual unit are the responsibility of the HOA, while indoor plumbing problems fall to the homeowners.

However, determining who is responsible for pipes in condo walls in California can be more complicated than that. Some pipes affect more than one unit, and these may be the responsibility of the HOA. Pipes that branch off from that and only affect one unit may be the responsibility of the homeowner.

It may be EVEN MORE complex than that, though. If an issue occurs in a pipe that affects more than one unit but is caused by irresponsibility on the behalf of one homeowner, that owner may need to pay for any resulting damages. If a homeowner or their guest flushes something that should not be put down the drains and it gets stuck, causing backups for the building, they could be responsible for everything.

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HOA Plumbing Responsibilities in California

The best way to determine HOA plumbing responsibilities in California is to bring in plumbing experts right away. At Power Plumbing, we can determine what caused the plumbing issues your HOA is experiencing. Then, you can work with a lawyer or other expert to examine your governing documents and determine who is responsible for paying for the repair.

We can also complete any HOA plumbing repairs that you need to have done. Our team works fast and we have experience coordinating with multiple homeowners. We know how to work around a wide variety of schedules so you won’t have to worry about it.

When you need an HOA plumber to figure out HOA plumbing responsibilities in California, our team is here for you. Call us in an emergency, or work with us ahead of time to set up a plan so you’ll know who to call when you need someone urgently. Stop worrying about HOA plumbing and let us take care of it all!

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